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INTEGRATION is the keyword to a longlasting orthodontic treatment outcome which results in longevity of teeth and associated structures. To be able to reach this outcome, different systems in various treatment settings are an integral part of the service we render.


Orthodontics is much more than straightening teeth, it is about straight teeth that fit and function in harmony with the TMJ and the muscles and balancing the contacts, distributing the forces evenly to prevent grinding.

In the process of moving teeth to that position, something has to attach to the teeth to control the movement. A variety of appliance can control tooth movement but over the years experience has shown that the most effective are those bonded/glued to the teeth.

The practice makes use of the Damon system, a high-quality low friction self-ligating bracket, delivering light forces with rapid tooth movement which have metal braces and a clear brace option. The clear bracket does not stain as some other brands do and do not have a metal clip.

Another way of moving teeth is with clear aligners, of which Invisalign is famous for. Although the aligners are clear, tiny tooth coloured attachments have to be glued to the teeth, giving the aligner grip on the teeth. Using aligners can produce excellent results if proper case selection is applied.

The choice of the most efficient system is determined by the presenting problem and can only be made after the treatment planning is done as each patient’s treatment plan is unique to them.