Growth modification is best completed when the patient is still growing.

While children are still growing and their bones are developing, we can make use of specialised Orthodontic devices to guide the development of the bones and teeth so that they develop properly, with the best possible outcomes for the patient.

This treatment is preventative - it can stop certain issues from ever developing, purely because it creates the necessary space in the mouth and jaw for things to form properly. It can also correct issues that have just started to form, so they’re treated early enough to hinder the progression.

Examples of issues that can be fixed with growth modification include bad bites, jaw misalignment and crowding. Typically, teeth would need to be removed to treat crowding but with growth modification, the jaw is manipulated as it develops so that there is more space for the teeth.

Growth modification can also be beneficial in creating facial symmetry and improving the aesthetic of the face when there are certain defects. If you are interested in hearing more about Growth Modification, be sure to give us a call.