Preventative and Interceptive Orthodontics is a branch of Orthodontic practice which focuses on problems that could worsen over time if left unattended. Essentially, the orthodontic treatment would work to correct or fix problems that get progressively worse over time.

For example, children especially benefit from this early intervention practice when they lose their baby teeth prematurely and the space for their permanent teeth begins closing up. Spacers (or space maintainers) are orthodontic appliance kids can wear in order to preserve the space for the permanent teeth. If the spacers were not placed, the permanent teeth would have a lot of difficulties erupting and could damage to the surrounding structures when they eventually did come out.

Preventative and Interceptive Orthodontics will save you pain, time, energy and money in the long run. Dr Petra van der Merwe has decades of experience detecting and diagnosing Orthodontic issues, and has advanced technology at her disposal to help find and treat issues so that they don’t progress any further.